Suggest a tray of rice Family day for the whole family to enjoy

For a family meal more attractive, sisters can refer to the delicious food, easy to do below!

To make family day more fun and meaningful, sisters can do their own delicious dishes to treat the whole family. The members gather around the tray of cooked rice, enjoy the delicious food, tell the happy story sad in life there is nothing.

Here is a menu for Family Day, which you can refer to:

– ducklings turn

– Shrimp salad

– Pass through fried beef

– Beans and tomatoes

– Boiled shrimp

– Sweet sour cream

– Dessert: orange, grapes

Grilled duck legs

Duck should choose duck meat soft and sweet than washed to dry, marinated duck with minced garlic, soy sauce, seasoning oil, oily for 30 minutes. Bring to the duck oven until golden duck skin finish.

Suggest a tray of rice Family day for the whole family to enjoy

Shrimp salad

Onions, cucumber, carrot cut yarn, roasted meat cooked cut. Boiled prawns are baked for sauerkraut for lean meat, mixed with garlic, minced chili, sugar and fish sauce. Put all the ingredients in the bowl, add the water to the mix, add a little basil and peanuts are finished dishes. Salad should be used immediately after the mixture will taste better.

Suggest a tray of rice Family day for the whole family to enjoy 1

Sauteed bitter melon with beef

Sliced ​​beef. Pepper onion, pepper, onion puree onion beef puree. African oil with garlic aromatic, for the beef stir fry in a large fire, then to the thin line through the thin sausage to the beef is not long and suffering through brittle. Taste for food and then cut green onions to mix and turn off the kitchen.

Suggest a tray of rice Family day for the whole family to enjoy 2


Stir in the boiling water until boiled water boils. African oil with purple onions, tomatoes removed minced shells for oysters, soy sauce, sugar, seasoning seeds then sprinkle on split peas


Shrimp bought clean, put in the pot of boiling water with less salt, ginger, boiled onions and then picked out. Including lemon pepper will be the perfect combination.

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Add the boiling water, add the sugar seeds and MSG into the pot then put the shrimp. When the shrimp cooked seasoned and then just eat the crazy cotton and then off the kitchen immediately. Remember lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of fish sauce to taste better sour.

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