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Today’s housewives often “pocket” the cooking tips, as well as special spices that aid in cooking, so that in the “blink of an eye” make delicious meals.

Harmony with the dynamic and modern life, Vietnamese kitchen today has many changes with the tendency to honor the convenience of cooking and the sophistication of cuisine. Today’s housewives often “pocket” the cooking tips, as well as special spices that aid in cooking, so that in “blink of an eye” they make delicious meals. dot bold momentum.

Delicious yogurt prepared

“Food Culinary” Luke Nguyen – Australian chef of Vietnamese origin famously shared when choosing a dish that represents Vietnamese cuisine, he would choose sour soup (1). Sour soup in the package is enough sour-spicy-salty-sweet, wrapped up the essence of the Vietnamese cuisine. Sour soup helps to replenish water, balance the heat bar but is very suitable, bring rice.

Spices cook delicious & handy 1

To make a bowl of sour soup fish deliciously prepared, first, the snake should be washed, chopped marinated, seasoned with marinade to help the delicious spices soaked in each fiber to cook, the meat itself fish was strong. Fish after marinated with saffron, pineapple, tomato. When the fish is cooked, we add okra, bean sprouts, mint (peppermint), herbs, pepper, chili. Finally, the secret to tasting a spoonful of anchovy sauce is that we have finished the sour soup sour sour cream,

The nose of meat store

In the third annual Master Chef competition, audiences not only admired the talents and resilience of blind chef Christine Ha but also loved it when the traditional Vietnamese traditional dishes All three famous chefs of America. “I grew up with meat,” said Christine Ha. Each time I eat or cook meat, I seem to be reminded of my family. I really like this simple dish. It’s just a few simple ingredients, but the taste, the quality of the food is very delicious, excellent perfect. “

Spices cook delicious & handy 2

This is a simple dish, but to create a special taste and posture, it is necessary to have the secret, in both ways and how to cook just a bottle of sauce. The meat is marinated for 1 hour in a small fire, add a bit of coconut water and color will sweet coconut flavor, fish sauce flavor, clear fat and brown attractive. Just a little bit of broth of light on white sticky rice, served with meat just bold moment, we will have a delicious nose nose, stagnant posture forever.

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