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The way to make yogurt without sugar is a great option for those who just want to have a healthy immune system and not be obsessed about the risk of weight gain. So what steps do you need to take to achieve successful yogurt without sugar?

Prepare to make yogurt without sugar

  • Unlined sugar: 1 cans of 500 grams
  • Fresh milk without sugar: 500 ml
  • Yogurt without sugar: 2 boxes

How to make yogurt without sugar

How to make yogurt without sugar lose weight design 1

Step 1: Prepare

Boil 1 liter of filtered water and then boil condensed milk. Allow the milk to cool naturally for about 5 minutes, the milk back to the warm state, you poured fresh milk without sugar to stir together. Note that when stirring, you only stir in a single direction.

When the milk and milk are mixed together, you continue to put the yogurt into the same. At this time, you also stir for the yogurt that is thoroughly dissolved, no longer pigs. Finally, let the mixture pass through the sieve for smoothing.

Step 2: Steam the milk

Once you have prepared the milk, you milk the small jar. Next, place these jars in a thick pot and pour hot water about 80 degrees to flood water 2/3 milk jar.

Finish the process, you cover the lid of the milk and lid lid again. Place the pot in a dry place to make yogurt. The tempering time of yogurt is 6-7 hours. If you want more sour yogurt can increase the tempering time.

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Enjoy yogurt without sugar

At the end of the incubation period, you will gain a smooth yogurt sugar, natural sour taste. With this yogurt, you can eat directly or combine with fruits to increase the attractiveness. When not used, you store milk in the cooler or freeze the refrigerator to use gradually.

Great tips for yogurt without sugar

Improves the health of the digestive system

There is no denying the great effect of yogurt in general and sugar-free yogurt in particular for the digestive system of the body. Thanks to the billions of yeasts in yogurt, they help regulate bowel movements, improving both diarrhea and constipation. In addition, sugar-free yogurt also helps balance the intestinal bacteria, improving the immune system quickly.

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Beautiful skin

The secret of a healthy, smooth skin without deep cuts is thanks to the yogurt without sugar. To do this, you can apply yogurt directly to face / body or combine with other natural ingredients such as fresh lemon, carrot, oatmeal.

Make your hair healthy

Hair loss and scalp many dandruff is always the obsession of many women. To get rid of “anxiety”, you can look to yogurt without sugar as a multiple choice. The method of hair care with sugar free yogurt is very simple.

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First, you apply a line of yogurt without sugar just enough on your hair before shampoo 1h. Then, wash your hair and rinse as usual. With this method, in just a short time, you will own clean hair, buckles do not break.

As with other yogurt recipes, making yogurt without sugar is not complicated, laborious if done at home. On the contrary, just prepare the necessary ingredients, less than 30 minutes to make and wait time to brew, you have the yogurt is delicious then.

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