Hot sun make this meal with cool dishes to enjoy

Every dish is delicious, cool, easy to make, especially make the summer meal more attractive.

Fried shrimp


– 400gr fresh shrimp

– 1 tablespoon fish sauce – 1 teaspoon seasoning powder – 2 scallion leaves – 1 dry onion; some garlic branches – a little pepper

– Cooking oil; salt


Shrimps are washed, then drained and then cut with the strawberry and spearhead of shrimp. Shrimp in a large bowl with a little salt, seasoning powder, pepper and then stir well, marinated shrimp for 15 minutes to spice up.

Dry onion, chopped garlic, chopped green onions, if you like spicy food you can add a few slices of chili. Put the pan on the kitchen for 2 tablespoons of oil, when hot oil you put onion, garlic minced for aroma. Garlic start to turn yellow color, then shrimp on the island, roasted shrimp color change.

Hot sun make this meal with cool dishes to enjoy 1

Next you add sugar, fish sauce and then rim in the fire, while rim shrimp you island are soaked shrimp, shrimp will be crispy and delicious.

Rim for dry and fragrant shrimp, then put the little green onions, turn off the kitchen and touch the fresh salty shrimp to the plate used with hot rice is delicious to know.

Shrimp is crispy, delicious, golden, very eye-catching, the taste is sweet, sweet aromatic rice.

Canned vegetables


– Crab: 300g

– Tomatoes: 3 fruits – Taro – 200g – Vegetables: 1 bunch – Dried onions: 2-3 bulbs – Onion,

– Seasoning, seasoning, soup, main noodles

– Raw vegetables eat


The crabs bought washed, separated the tile to take bricks. Place the crab in the grinder or add a little salt to the filtered water to remove the crab juice. Restore 2-3 times to keep the crab water.

Tomatoes, onions, smell, taro peeled, picking vegetables and clean the tip of the flush. Tomatoes cut coriander, taro cut pieces just eat. Onions, smelly cut.

Non-aromatic dried onion with tomato sauce to fry, add the crab bristle to fry together. Next to taro in frying. Add 1 tablespoon of seasoning powder to soft tomatoes.

A variety of pickled vegetables washed in brine.

Hot sun make this meal with cool dishes to enjoy 2

Put the crab pot on the kitchen, add 1 tablespoon of seasoning powder, ½ teaspoon of soup (depending on the amount of water you spice mouth). Stir well before boiling (This will help the brick is not settling down and brick is very strong, crab pot will be more delicious). When the pot boiling water, crab bricks blocks you to pick up the crab out to separate. Pour the tomato into a small frying pan. When boiling down the fire burned riu. Put the casserole into cooked cucumber and add 1-2 minutes, then add the main noodles, chopped smell.

Figs salt


– 500g fresh figs – Garlic – Lemon – Chilli – Seasoning: sugar, soup powder, salt.


Sung detach each fruit, leave the stalk and rinse. Then add the fruit into 2 or 3 pieces of the size of the fruit and then soak in the salt water diluted to prevent further darkening. Rinse and rinse for several times. Finally, drain out to drain.

Peeled garlic, crushed. Lemon juice extracted. Chilli pieces.

Hot sun make this meal with cool dishes to enjoy 3

Season with the soup, sugar to the mouth and then to spice up for about 10-15 minutes.

Next to the garlic, lemon juice and chili (optional) to mix well. It takes about 20-30 minutes to eat.

To eat a few days, take a bowl of boiling water, mix a little salt and sugar to mix the water just mouth. Add the salt to the jar and pour the mixture into the mix, cover and put in the refrigerator cooler. By doing so, supplements can be eaten for several days without being sour.

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