Excellent way to eat crabs properly, just fast and not leave a spare

Sea crabs are delicious and nutritious dishes that are popular with many. But you need a little skill, you can enjoy this dish perfectly. With 6 steps below, you will treat freshly crab meat and clean the meat.

Excellent way to eat crabs properly, just fast and not leave a spare 2

Have tools such as knives, bowls, crab shells, a cutting board to avoid scratching the table, a clean towel and, of course, steamed crabs.

Put the crab on the cutting board, back up the abdomen. Take a knife and brush off the “apron” in the crotch. Then turn the crab up, hold the crab and insert the knife between the apricot shells and crab, turn the knife and gently split the apricot.

Remove the lungs are not gray and spongy, this is not eatable. You will see a yellowish brown color, this is called crab bricks, quite delicious is much preferred. Use a spoon to scoop out all of this on a clean bowl, or you can eat it all the time.

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After removing the lungs and scoop out the crab, gently use a knife or force in the hand, split the crab into 2 parts. Here you will see the crab is divided into small cells by the thin wall. You can easily separate the meat from the body by the fingers.

Excellent way to eat crabs properly, just fast and not leave a spare

Hold half a crab in one hand, using the other hand to pull each leg out with a slight twist motion. When you remove the leg at the joint, the crab meat will slip out in a passage. At the foot of the hind leg, also known as the cucumber, you will find the most delicious and fat crab meat and the most difficult to take, let the meat after. The small legs in the middle usually take the meat out more simply.

If meat is not easily removed from crabs, you will need a small mallet. Warning: Be gentle, otherwise the shells will crumble and you will have to pick up debris from the meat. Try this trick: Hold the knife vertically, with the blade head in the middle as. Then, emphasize the blade with the mallet to break the shell and split the meat into large pieces.

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